Water Tanks

Glass-fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite Expandable Water Tanks
Capacity - 4000 lt and more :

Glass-fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite Expandable Water Tanks Capacity - 4000 lt

A. Material and area of usage :

  1. Water tanks are made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester material. This material is corrosion-resistant like plastics but has a longer life than plastics. Additionally, it is non-flammable, unlike plastic.
  2. The composite material used in the production of the tank, complies with hygienic food regulations, does not smell, does not rot, is not affected by heat and cold. It is anti-bacterial.
  3. Composite water tanks can be used above ground or buried underground.
  4. Composite water tanks are not affected by sunlight if they are installed above ground.
  5. Composite water tanks can be easily buried underground. It does not leak from inside to outside or vice versa. It does not hold moss, it does not smell.
  6. Composite water tanks buried underground can be used for; rainwater storage, clean water storage, septic tank, and separation of oil wastes from water purposes.

B. Tank dimensions and other details – 4000 liter :

  1. The wall thickness of the tank is 5mm. The tank consists of two pieces.
  2. Tank assembly is easy and a 4 m³ tank can be assembled by two-person approximately within 2 hours.
  3. Pipe holes for the water inlet and outlet can be easily opened by a drill bit attached electrical hole saw at the requested points. Threaded pipe coupling with rubber gasket is placed into the hole for inlet/outlet pipe connections.
  4. Sealed double-sided tape, silicone, and galvanized screws are used for mounting, and these are supplied with the tank.
water tanks capacity 4000 lt

water tanks capacity 4000 lt image 2
water tanks capacity 4000 lt image 3

Additional option

extra Modular Tank

you can order an extra modular tanks that suits your main tank to expand the capacity of you water tank. 

Steel Base

you can order steel stair for you water tank to make it easier to access and check.

Modular Tank Body with manhole

you can order a modular with top access hole which is recommended for multiple uses. 

Modular Tank Partition

you can order an modular partition to separate you tank units as different tanks for you tank protection and usage controlling. 

Steel Feet Set

you can order an steel base for the tank to make it more stable as it has strong durability from hard weather, weight and breaking.