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PVC windows and doors are more preferred than other options due to their many advantages. PVC is the best insulation material in terms of windows and doors when examined from a market point of view.

PVC windows are an increasingly used option today thanks to their many advantages. It is sustainable due to the high quality of the materials used in its production. It is resistant to weather conditions, chemical decay, corrosion, shock, wear and external factors and is an economical option in that it does not immediately lose its color characteristics. It's a slight choice, but it's solid. It is resistant to abrasions and mechanics. With a light option, it leads to less harm in possible forgiveness. It is also resistant to heat. It is a safe choice as it is resistant to burning. It is an economic choice with its robustness and quality. Maintenance and paint needs are scarce. The cost of construction, installation and use is low. The insulation feature and thermal insulation are good. Besides heat, PVC is a real insulation material against external influences such as sound, humidity and so on. All materials made from PVC, a recyclable material, that are not in use, are repeatedly reshaped, making them an environmentally friendly option. Construction materials such as pipes, window profiles and floor tiles can be reused at the end of their life. With this feature, PVC provides significant benefits for the environment and the economy. PVC is widely used in construction, packaging, medicine, electricity, electronics and automotive sectors with its versatility.

PVC doors are among the frequently preferred door models. The feature is increasingly used in toilets and balconies. It is often used in homes because it does not contain carcinogenic substances and is very good at sound insulation. PVC doors have quite a choice of colors. Due to its ease of care, it is economical and comfortable to clean. Sound insulation and thermal insulation are high. It is a safe option thanks to its fire resistance. It's resistant to moisture and heat.

Compared to the PVC window and door aluminum selection, PVC is at the forefront of the preference with many features. PVC is a more durable option. Its insulation is better and affordable. It's closer to today's technology. The cost of construction and use of PVC is lower than that of aluminum. The carbon footprint of the aluminum window frame is 2 times higher than the PVC window frame. In addition, the thermal insulation performance of the window made of PVC profiles is also high. Therefore, it saves heating energy in winter and air conditioning energy in summer in the places where they are used. The energy consumption of PVC windows for recycling after their long life is very low compared to the recycling energy consumption of aluminum windows. PVC windows have been preferred in all production stages compared to windows made of aluminum due to their low carbon footprint, long life and superior insulation performance during their use, and low carbon footprint in recycling.

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