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Marble, which has been used since ancient times, is spreading to many areas day by day and expanding its use area. Marble, which has started to be used in the artistic field, has now grown in popularity in the construction sector, decoration and furniture making. Marbles interior and outdoor floors are one of the durable and flamboyant natural stones that have many products and uses such as walls, decorative products and accessories, kitchen countertops, columns, arches. Cleaning of marble requires a little more care and attention than other materials. Synthetic based cleaners, bleaches are not used on marble surfaces, and acidic, descaling type products can erode marble, disrupting its texture and appearance.

Although some characteristics vary according to the area, the general characteristics of marbles are as follows;
It is hard, it is water resistant, it has various colors, it has transparent properties, it can hold polish. Hard marbles are mostly used in buildings on flooring and door sills. In general, with the increase of silicate minerals, the hardness of marble also increases. Hard marbles are more expensive to cut and shape than other marbles because they are more difficult to cut and shape. They also keep good polish due to their hard structure. Water absorption is more important for marbles used in exterior cladding of buildings. It is long lasting with its water resistance. Real marbles are in white tones when they are pure. However, there are also colored marbles on earth. Being transparent is the ability of marble to pass light. Marbles with high these characteristics are used in ornament making and sculpting. The polishing properties of marbles vary. The prices of slabized and sized marbles in marble processing factories are soon related to the polishability of this material.The price of materials that cannot be well polished is lower. Apart from these, it is completely natural and shows that marble is harmless to the environment with its harmless structure, which does not contribute even during the process. It is an affordable option as it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It is the reason of choice due to its durable and robust structure. It is remarkable with its high quality and beautiful appearance.

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