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Decorative insulation helps your building look more visually beautiful by painting in different colors with thermal insulation in buildings as well as decorative coating intervals. The product used and its quality is very important.

 If we list the indispensable properties of decorative insulation; It must be resistant to impact and external influences. The use of high quality material ensures that it is durable. Materials need to be held strongly on top. For this, it is necessary to maintain a strong grip on the plates. It must be safe thanks to the high and healthy polymer ratio it contains. It is also safe with its lightweight structure. Its contents must be flexible. Due to the fibers, in its structure, it absorbs stresses and vibrations arising from temperature differences and should be able to minimize the risk of cracking. Its long term resistance to external weather conditions must be proven by higrotermic wall tests. High water vapor permeability. It must have superior workability and application capabilities. With its isolation feature, it should keep external sounds outside and internal sounds inside. It should be suitable for all seasons. It should be sensitive to the expansions that occur in summer and should not pass the temperature of the inner surface. It should be resistant to stresses that occur in winter and should not pass any weather events in it. It should not be affected by moisture. It must be fire resistant.

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